At Flow Software our people are at the heart of what we do. We pride ourselves on building world-class software that is supported by a network of over 20 partners, with over 400 customers across Australia and New Zealand. We bring our extensive experience to your integration needs, where our simple yet seamless EDI and integrations save weeks and months of staff time, improve your customer experiences, and power your business-critical processes and data automation.

Our balance of expertise and local knowledge means we can work with customers across a range of industries and sizes. We deliver results for global brands like Volvo and Villa Maria. We help businesses like Bob Jane Tyres, NZ Post, Kotahi, Fliway, Halls and Mondiale go faster and further. Household names like Sleepyhead (TCG), Vittoria Coffee, Armourguard, Lewis Road Creamery and Whittaker’s Chocolate depend on us to connect to their customers, vendors, and myriad of applications faster and more efficiently.


Humble Beginnings

Flow was created as an integration toolkit to enable fast, easy integration implementation. At the time, the solutions available on the market were costly, rigid and incapable of providing scalability or adapting to the evolving needs of a business. Flow successfully filled a gap in the SME market by providing a cost-effective solution that both facilitated the seamless integration of internal applications while allowing businesses to exchange data with their trading partners.


Growing in Australia

Flow grew to 180 customers and further investment was secured to enable starting operations in Australia. A new entity, Flow Software Australia, was created as a distributor of Flow in Australia which then morphed over time first into Fusion Factor and then Comestri.


Building a strong base

Flow grew to over 500 customers in New Zealand and Australia via the direct channel, partner channel and distributor. A number of spin-off and add-on products were developed and taken to market including labelling solution Connect-it built in partnership with NZ post which grew to over 200 customers.


Revitalisation and renewal

Director David Masters was appointed CEO and set about revamping the business and creating and executing on a new strategic and financial plan. Flow implemented an experienced Advisory Board to help with guiding the business and investing in in increased Sales, Marketing and Project Management capability to speed up growth.


Building for the future

With over 400 customers across Australia and NEw Zealand, Flow was now an established, mature, feature rich product; but new technology was creating new opportunities for improvement.

A new development team was put together to continue working on the Flow product, and as an investment in building a new, modern, future focussed integration platform that would eventually become Statelake.



Statelake Launched

Flow launches Statelake, a new integration platform developed by Flow Software. Built with modern business and technology needs in mind, Statelake’s robust architecture and rich features make it easy for new customers to implement and existing customers to convert their integrations.




SureSend labelling Launched

In partnership with NZ Post, Flow Software launched labelling solution SureSend to provide businesses who need high-volume, high-reliability labelling with a robust, proven solution that works both offline and online.


Statelake takes off

With Statelake proven as a strong, reliable and cost-effective platform, Flow Software customers continue deepening their integration usage on the new application.

With over 150 customers in AU already, we’re on a mission to build stronger relationships with our existing customers and partners, scale our direct sales channel, and take the power of the Statelake platform to the Australian market with new offices and staff in Sydney and Brisbane.

“Twice a day customer services had to go back and check all the orders they’ve keyed in to make sure they were correct. Now, with Flow, we’ve removed large customers and the volume of orders they sent through from that process. It’s a big win”
Simon Davies - Product Owner - Asia Pacific, The Comfort Group

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