Streamline your logistics and supply chain operations with Statelake

Statelake helps you simplify your complex digital environment and achieve rapid, scalable connectivity, allowing you to supercharge growth for your logistics and supply chain business. Statelake connects your systems. internal and external, old and new, enabling cost-effectively data and process automation.

See more. Connect more. Do more with the next generation of integration software.

Get real-time visibility into order and parcel status, carrier location, customer communications, network capacity, fleet tracking and many other data points with Flow Software’s integration platform, Statelake. With this detailed information at your fingertips, you can effectively forecast and streamline your operations.



Statelake gives you end-to-end visibility of the state of transactions, reducing risk & driving better business decisions.



Statelake enables business-to-business and internal connections quickly and cost-effectively so you can supercharge business growth.



Statelake builds a competitive advantage by making your business more adaptable, efficient and responsive to customers‘ needs

An all-in-one integration solution

  • Easy to Use

    Our point and click visual data mapper makes it simple to learn and use.

  • Full control over data transformation
    The Statelake Integration Platform understands simple and complex data structures and maps one structure to another.
  • Dynamic process automation scheduler
    Provides real-time event triggers and automated exception and error handling, reducing your time spent rectifying issues.
  • Publish and consume
    REST or SOAP APIs through a GUI-based design interface, exposing your business data to trading partners and enabling you to consume data from your customers and suppliers. Plus enable legacy systems with an API layer.
  • Global monitoring and management tools
    Enable you to proactively manage the health and performance of your system.
  • Manage and monitor
    Save time and improve efficiency by managing web services and integrations in one single unified platform, with real-time data management between applications, the cloud and devices.
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We pride ourselves on developing great software to deliver great solutions for great companies. Flow Software has been helping local and international businesses of all sizes achieve digital transformation and operational efficiency since 2003.

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“Twice a day customer services had to go back and check all the orders they’ve keyed in to make sure they were correct. Now, with Flow, we’ve removed large customers and the volume of orders they sent through from that process. It’s a big win”
Simon Davies - Product Owner - Asia Pacific, The Comfort Group

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