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Case Studies


NZ Post delivers 41 million courier parcels annually, each requiring a label for tracking and delivery, as well as a manifest for billing. While most customers submit their manifests via NZ Post’s web service, some rely on “manual manifesting,” which requires them to send the manifest to NZ Post. However, issues like web outages, hardware failure, or human error can prevent these manifests from reaching NZ Post, causing billing problems and wasting time.


To recover the missing manifest data, they used Flow Software to automate the process of reconstructing missing manifests from labelling data collected from scanning and physical data from sorting machines. The system paid back the Flow licence cost in less than a day and processes approximately $20 million in revenue annually.


The Comfort Group is Australasia’s largest mattress and foam manufacturer, with multiple manufacturing locations across New Zealand and Australia and more than 1000 employees. Its traditional model has been build-to-order, with orders from retailers being scheduled for production rather than being supplied from inventory.

Efficient planning, manufacture and delivery relies on orders being processed into the company’s ERP system quickly, so that delivery times can be accurately provided to customers. But with complex BOM data for orders and order taking being heavily skewed towards the weekend, manual data input created a bottleneck that was adding as much as a full day to the planning process.


“Twice a day customer services had to go back and check all the orders they’ve keyed in to make sure they were correct. Now, with Flow, we’ve removed large customers and the volume of orders they sent through from that process. It’s a big win”

Simon Davies – Product Owner, The Comfort Group


For over 25 years, Volvo Cars New Zealand has worked closely with Volvo Cars internationally to import and distribute vehicles across NZ. Having more than doubled sales since 2019, Volvo NZ are now bringing on board their new fleet of electric vehicles. In response to the changing market demand, Volvo are acutely focused on maintaining their huge success last year as NZ’s fastest growing European luxury car brand.

To support a move to an online sales model, Volvo Cars required all EV sales to be captured in a global centralised CRM. However local retailers were reluctant to invest more time and money into technology and training and move from their existing, feature rich and well loved CRM system.


“Volvo Cars is rolling out a major digital transformation to blend online and offline sales channels. A key part of this is the usage of Salesforce to manage the customer journey. Our objective was to maintain a local lead management system but to still gain benefit from the marketing and analytical features of Salesforce.

It was imperative that Volvo Cars NZ found an integration partner who could communicate a complicated project, scope precisely and accurately map the two systems. Flow were able to demonstrate credibility within this field and communicate effectively both the technical and sales process specific elements of the development. With only a small window of opportunity with the Volvo Cars international development team – timeliness and expertise was a critical component to achieving our KPIs for this project.”

Ben Montgomery – General Manager, Volvo NZ

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