Project Description

Villa Maria

Villa Maria Case Study

“Flow had prior experience with building EDI integrations with our trading partners which was key for us in terms of fast-tracking the project, and they knew the EDI accreditation process with the likes of Foodstuffs and Progressive. The product itself is easy to use and they are very much a ‘one stop shop’ Integration software provider. ‘Keeping it local’ is one of our directives from above and Flow fitted the bill for that too. The automation for us has meant that we now have a 24/7 operation. It frees our team up from order entry to focus on adding value to customers. The integration has also enabled continuous improvement at Villa Maria. We’ve achieved efficiency gains, reduced error rates, and improved customer satisfaction. Over the last year the three EDI integrations have each saved the cost of between half and one FTE.“

Neil Illsley, IT Strategy & Services Manager, Villa Maria Estate

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