Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

Make your business smarter, faster and more efficient by seamlessly connecting your existing business applications and automating EDI with trading partners of all sizes.

Statelake EDI

Statelake EDI Integration

Our solution connects your internal and external systems with each other through the Statelake platform. This means that you can add additional systems to your digital ecosphere without the need to connect them up one-by-one.

“Integrating with our trading partners has gone off without a hitch. For each EDI implementation, Flow asks for sample orders, sets them up as tests in the system and works with the recipients. When all parties are happy with the testing, we get an OK, go live and we haven’t had an issue. Electronic integration dramatically accelerates invoice processing while eliminating the costs of printing, paper and postage… We save time and money. And it is more reliable.”

Greg Crawford, Group Accountant

Achieve Operational Agility

As an ambitious, growing business you need the data exchanged between you and your partners to flow seamlessly. You don’t have time to worry about stock and delivery errors or to spend time manually entering data.

Our solution ensures real-time exchange of a huge range of documents, structured electronic formats and transmission protocols. What does this mean for you?

It means that you have achieved operational agility. A seamless transfer of data between your internal and external systems providing you peace of mind that everything is just working.

Graham Rea, CEO

“We chose Flow because of their proven record, dedicated approach and reputation for being a safe pair of hands. Flow did what they said they would do and it all went to plan – now we can also hold up an integrated, customer-focused EDI solution we’re proud of.”

Illuminate The Exchange of Data

In the current business environment, visible exchanges of data are a must.

Statelake illuminates the flow of data between your systems so you know exactly where everything is. This means you only need to look into the Statelake platform to have visibility across your entire ecosystem.

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