Integrating with our trading partners has gone off without a hitch. For each EDI implementation, Flow asks for sample orders, sets them up as tests in the system and works with the recipients. When all parties are happy with the testing, we get an OK, go live and we haven’t had an issue. Electronic integration dramatically accelerates invoice processing while eliminating the costs of printing, paper and postage… We save time and money. And it is more reliable.

Greg Crawford, Group Accountant, Hermpac

Rather than having to individually reconcile up to 1000 or more transactions a week, the automation enabled by the Flow Software solution has worked perfectly almost every day for the past decade. Flow Software has enabled us to simplify our systems for working with both commercial customers who pay on invoice and home gardener customers who pay on the website…

Barbara Martin, Director, Kings Seeds

The ‘Flow effect’ plays a direct role in EMD – and its distributors – being able to deliver a great customer experience, by enabling access to the information that car shoppers want to know, whether online or on the showroom floor… I cost effectively have experts on call, enabling a leaner resource model while getting great outcomes with data and process efficiency.

Matt Tohill, GM Digital, European Motor Distributors
Success depended on a good team effort and that’s what we got. Business systems should enable workflow, not stand in the way of it. That’s what this integration has delivered. We are able to use our CRM system of choice with the ERP system of choice, while benefiting from the immediacy of the exchange of relevant data between the two systems. Convenience, while valuable, isn’t the only gain. We’re saving costs, too.
Mark Wallendorf, Project Manager, Connect NZ

Using Flow I knew we could integrate with our customer’s systems, but it would also give us the opportunity to do internal application integration when the time came. The impact on the business has been significant… I’ve had no hesitation about implementing Flow at Hall’s – they’ve been a really good organisational fit with us – not just because it’s good technology but also because they’ve got a great crew of people.

Colin Burrow, CIO, Hall's Refrigerated Transport

Flow Software’s integration software has become an integral part of our solution landscape. From traditional EDI based orders and invoices to custom API’s developed for our internal websites, Flow seems to have the capability to make anything talk to anything. Flow Software have a great product and back it up with a first-class knowledgeable team who are always ready to help or give advice. We’ve built 10+ integrations and counting and have to date, seen minimal associated support costs. Flow has come to be one of the products/vendors that Villa Maria truly relies on.

Brett Harvey, IT Strategy & Services Manager, Villa Maria Estate

On engagement with Flow, it looked a perfect fit for the way we wanted to operate. We were interested in finding a streamlined, simple and reliable piece of middleware which would enable robust integrations. The training and demonstration which came as part of the deal was very professional. It spoke to the right levels for our people, from those with technical skillsets, across to those on the business side.

Lee Stewart, Business Analyst, Tegel Foods
Thanks to Flow, we can enter information in the Magento eCommerce solution directly or via the website and it goes straight though into EXO, or the other way around. It’s completely seamless and synchronises close enough to real time. Nothing needs to be updated manually, so the system eliminates what would otherwise be a lot of tedious work. Not only does the Flow integration deliver exactly what is required, but the project was also delivered very close to the estimated price. Flow is a trusted partner which has, over the course of a relationship which goes back almost ten years, always met our expectations.
Gilly Greville, Operations Manager, Advintage

We immediately recognised the benefits of investing in Flow. For us it was about two key dimensions; the first was a way to automate processes and build a platform for future technology-based ordering and distribution. The second was the capability to improve on our existing service offering; in a cost-efficient way. What we have now is the ability for much better execution and standard reporting; the ability to add value in delivery and billing, and reducing administration for the transaction. That it went live almost without me being aware of it indicates how smoothly it went. We chose Flow because of their proven record, dedicated approach and reputation for being a safe pair of hands. Flow did what they said they would do and it all went to plan – now we can also hold up an integrated, customer-focused EDI solution we’re proud of.

Graham Rea, CEO, Heirloom

Without Flow, it is unlikely that Lewis Road Creamery could perform as it does today. Manual data entry is time consuming and error prone. We work to tight cutoffs to get stock on to trucks in time for deliveries. Flow takes care of that and has had a positive impact on the business. Flow has been great in their turnaround times and understanding of the project. They knew what we wanted to achieve and have rapidly done what was necessary to enable it. Flow offers a very bespoke service, mapping solutions to individual client’s needs. Every time we’ve launched a new product we’ve seen unprecedented business growth, and Flow have been invaluable helping us to manage that.

Michelle Preston, General Manager, Lewis Road Creamery

From a functional perspective, the integrations we have between our systems means we have clear processes running through the business. Flow allows us to have the specific application which is right for those processes. Most important however is the level of support which is delivered by Flow Software. This is key to the value we get from our middleware. We can go to them with a problem and they will solve it. Flow Software also offers good error checking and initial troubleshooting capabilities in the software. That means we can generally sort issues out internally, looking to see where errors come from and resolve it ourselves.

Anthony Bitossi, GM Concrete, Stevenson Construction Materials

With the Flow system facilitating direct communications work requests arrive in Recreational Services’ system automatically, the company’s operatives are assigned their tasks and the completion of the jobs on sites is verified electronically. There is no need for anyone at Council to ring us up, no need for any exchange of email or other information – it just happens. That’s a big time same saver for all concerned. There is no longer any need to produce status and work in progress reports, because these are all tracked by the system and are available at any time. Flow provides digital enablement, it delivers efficiency. And it just works really well.

Denis Djohar, IT manager, Recreational Services