Statelake is Flow Software’s highly flexible, future-focused integration platform. Built with modern business and technology needs in mind, Statelake simplifies your digital environment by taking care of your integrations, so you can focus on growing and scaling your business sustainably.

Digitally transform

Your business by reinventing the way data and processes flow across your CRM, ERP, WMS, 3PL, POS, TMS, third-party applications and other legacy or cloud-based systems


operational efficiency and compliance and improve data quality by synchronising master data and automating processes between backend systems.


Online interactive workflows for exception handling and data correction with Statelake dashboarding.


end-to-end visibility of transactions, generating insights to drive better business decisions.

An all-in-one integration solution

  • Easy to Use

    Our point and click visual data mapper makes it simple to learn and use.

  • Full control over data transformation
    The Statelake Integration Platform understands simple and complex data structures and maps one structure to another.
  • Dynamic process automation scheduler
    Provides real-time event triggers and automated exception and error handling, reducing your time spent rectifying issues.
  • Publish and consume
    REST or SOAP APIs through a GUI-based design interface, exposing your business data to trading partners and enabling you to consume data from your customers and suppliers. Plus enable legacy systems with an API layer.
  • Global monitoring and management tools
    Enable you to proactively manage the health and performance of your system.
  • Manage and monitor
    Save time and improve efficiency by managing web services and integrations in one single unified platform, with real-time data management between applications, the cloud and devices.



Statelake gives you end-to-end visibility of the state of transactions, reducing risk & driving better business decisions.



Statelake enables business-to-business and internal connections quickly and cost-effectively so you can supercharge business growth.



Statelake builds a competitive advantage by making your business more adaptable, efficient and responsive to customers‘ needs

“Success depended on a good team effort and that’s what we got. Business systems should enable workflow, not stand in the way of it. That’s what this integration has delivered. We are able to use our CRM system of choice with the ERP system of choice, while benefiting from the immediacy of the exchange of relevant data between the two systems. Convenience, while valuable, isn’t the only gain. We’re saving costs, too.”

Mark Wallendorf, Project Manager, Connect NZ