Quickly and easily publish and consume APIs with Flow

Realise a range of business benefits with Flow API. You can deliver real-time data management between applications, cloud and devices and manage and monitor web services and integrations in one single unified platform. An advanced tool, you can build customised REST or SOAP APIs through a GUI-based design interface and even enable legacy systems with an API layer.

Satisfy unique client requirements

Plug Flow seamlessly into your business or application and use it to publish a customisable API. Dynamically expose an API – file-based, database, SOAP or REST web services – without bespoke code.

Concentrate on your core competency

Allow your team to concentrate on your core business while enabling customers to engage with your business and application data.

Publish and consume any web service

Publish and consume new and different webservices and interfaces. Dynamically map your standard interfaces into any number of other methods to support unique client requirements.

Connect everything with the Flow integration platform

Seamless data integration connects everything – from business applications to process automation. Flow is a high-performing integration engine with built-in API for robust and reliable acquisition and exchange of data.• Optimise APIs to deliver maximum performance.

Integration Map


• Securely create, run and analyse APIs
• Easily generate APIs based on existing data and apps
• Reuse existing code and business logic
• Consume internal and external APIs
• Expose any ODBC database as an API
• Create an API in any format including REST, SOAP, XML, and JSON

• Empower developers to discover and consume APIs / microservices
• Rapidly expose any application or data as an API
• Optimise APIs to deliver maximum performance
• Publish an API for product providers

• Monitor and alert API processes
• Manage accessibility of APIs and expose to developers
• Adapt APIs to evolving business processes
• Apply third party analytics to monitor API performance and consumption trends

Features and benefits of the Flow API



The straightforward interface will quickly get you going.



Implementation is fast and cost-effective, both in the cloud and on limited infrastructure.



Use our combined Integration Platform and EDI to connect different internal and external systems and trading partners, fast.




Rather than having to individually reconcile up to 1000 or more transactions a week, the automation enabled by the Flow Software solution has worked perfectly almost every day for the past decade. Flow Software has enabled us to simplify our systems for working with both commercial customers who pay on invoice and home gardener customers who pay on the website…

Barbara Martin, Director, Kings Seeds

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