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  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Ensure you always have the latest data, regardless of which system you are using.

The Statelake integration platform helps you simplify your digital systems environment and achieve rapid, scalable connectivity, allowing you to supercharge business growth. Statelake connects your systems. internal and external, old and new, enabling cost-effective data and process automation.

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Flow Software’s integration software has become an integral part of our solution landscape. From traditional EDI based orders and invoices to custom API’s developed for our internal websites, Flow seems to have the capability to make anything talk to anything. Flow Software have a great product and back it up with a first-class knowledgeable team who are always ready to help or give advice.

We’ve built 10+ integrations and counting and have to date, seen minimal associated support costs. Flow has come to be one of the products/vendors that Villa Maria truly relies on.

Brett Harvey, IT Strategy & Services Manager, Villa Maria Estate