Become more efficient with less effort with Statelake application integration

Statelake’s application integration automates the exchange of data between your different business systems. You can create business processes that cross over system boundaries without manual processing. This allows information to flow easily between applications and trading partners, with minimal effort on your part.

Why application integration is better with Statelake

Point to point integration

Point-to-point integration offers a quick fix that can quickly turn into a headache. When your infrastructure only has a few components, point-to- point integration seems like a simple way to connect everything together. However, as your business changes and grows, point-to-point integration builds up over time making a confusing, complex and inefficient integration solution.

Statelake application integration

Statelake’s application integration platform uses a hub-and-spoke architecture where all data flows through the centralised hub. This means it’s aware of every transaction, every data entry, and every business activity within the system. Since the hub has already translated everything into a common language, all that data is compatible. This means your hub doesn’t just facilitate transactions; it’s the window into your business. It gives you a holistic picture of all your operations, how they relate, and where the problems are.

Features and benefits of Statelake’s application integration platform



Quickly connect different systems, both internal and external, and trading partners with our combined Integration Platform and EDI.



However you’re planning on growing, the flexible Statelake integration platform will grow with you.



Our experienced, expert team make EDI and integration easy.

The ‘Flow effect’ plays a direct role in EMD – and its distributors – being able to deliver a great customer experience, by enabling access to the information that car shoppers want to know, whether online or on the showroom floor… I cost effectively have experts on call, enabling a leaner resource model while getting great outcomes with data and process efficiency.

Matt Tohill, GM Digital, European Motor Distributors