NZ Post and Flow Software, the integration and EDI software developer with a significant footprint in the NZ and Australian logistics market are pleased to announce the launch of a strategic partnership to bring to market a high-volume, always-connected solution called SureSend.

Flow Software has a portfolio of products in the integration and EDI middleware sector built with Statelake – their next-generation integration platform. SureSend has been built to leverage the power of the cloud and APIs alongside promising 24/7/365 printing availability for shippers with high volumes, seasonal peaks or high-risk and time-sensitive shipping needs.

“Over the last two years, NZ Post has risen to meet the new challenges around speed and volume of shipping. We’re committed to providing our customers the tools they need to manage volume growth, often at a fast pace. Our partnership with Flow Software via SureSend is one of the many ways NZ Post is supporting its customers.” said Chris Wong, GM Business Marketing at NZ Post.

SureSend can produce and print labels online or offline which makes it the perfect solution for businesses with higher volumes whose pick, pack and dispatch needs don’t allow for even one hour of downtime.

David Masters, CEO at Flow Software says “We know some of NZ Post’s customers simply must be able to dispatch when orders come in. Any delay means they may not meet critical SLAs, packages get backed up and the warehouse grinds to a halt. SureSend is the fastest and most reliable labelling solution to meet the needs of those customers.”

“SureSend is built on our enterprise integration platform – Statelake. This means you’ve got a labelling solution that under the hood benefits from significant processing power and flexibility. It’s an advantage that SureSend has over other labelling solutions.” said Masters.

This expertise means SureSend users can access and benefit from Flow Software’s broader integration portfolio via Statelake if they have other complex integration and data workflow automation requirements.

SureSend will be available to NZ Post customers from 28th June and they can contact their NZ Post Account Manager or Flow Software to learn more.

Or contact Andrew Glasson, Head of Sales
M:+64 21 224 3569 | E: andrew.glasson@flowsoftware.com

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