Giving you visibility over your data is one of the key benefits of an integration platform. Whether you are looking for the point in a process where something went wrong or to capture data for reporting, having a clear audit trail is essential.

Statelake captures information in processing logs about each action that runs and the steps that are taken to complete that action. This allows you to see when an action started, the duration and the completion time.

For the steps within the action, the log also captures important information such as the opening and processing of files and data definitions, processing of maps and the writing of information to source files and databases. It also records standard information such as the files created and any SQL statements that are executed.

How does this help as an audit trail?
As part of your company SLAs, you may need to fulfil orders within a certain time frame. You know the time that this order was picked but you need to know when it was received and the subsequent processing of that order.

With Statelake, you can start with the logs.

By searching the logs by a specific date and action type you can track the time that an order was picked up from a Value Added Network (VAN) or directly from your customer. At any point where Statelake touches that order, a log will be created detailing the applied processes. Statelake’s logs can be used to track what is happening in transaction processing or to analyse what went wrong and make the appropriate corrective actions.

So, with Statelake, if you are asked when an order was processed, your logs should provide you with the answer.

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