SureSend delivers CompoundLabs proactive service and faster dispatch


For over 24 years CompoundLabs have made customised, high-quality healthcare products, from prescription medicines and daily supplements to creams and gels. With customer and physicians alike needing orders processed and delivered quicky, CompoundLabs need to ensure their shipping process runs smoothly and without delay.

CompoundLabs work closely with NZ Post as their courier provider, taking advantage of their superior service and tracking ability. They needed a shipping label solution that worked with NZ Post and supported their high availability needs, and wasn’t fazed by connectivity issues.

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CompoundLabs chose SureSend as their shipping label provider not just for it’s features, but the Flow Software teams’ reputation and reliability in the marketplace. SureSend has been integrated directly to CompoundLabs pharmacy system, RxOne,

Because SureSend is so easily customisable, CompoundLabs can include all the delivery details they need on their NZ Post shipping labels. SureSend prints everything on just one label, saving the cost and time associated with placing multiple labels on each package. Most importantly SureSend offers uninterruptable label printing, regardless of any internet connectivity issues.

To deliver the best possible customer experience, CompoundLabs needed visibility of their package delivery status so they could stay ahead of any potential delivery delays or issues. Creating customised reporting for this in SureSend took just a matter of minutes, saving CompoundLabs the thousands of dollars it may have cost to develop these reports in other label printing solutions .

Because SureSend is so customisable, we now have the visibility to proactively manage our deliveries. We can see when a delivery is overdue and manage this in advance before it becomes an issue for our customers. This means our team can spend their time on dispensing more orders rather than dealing with delivery enquiries.

Graeme Hogan, General Manager, CompoundLabs




The ability to easily customise NZ Post labels via SureSend has allowed CompoundLabs to include rural delivery, signature required and return address details on their labels. Previously these have needed to be added to each package separately. This means the time spent on dispatch preparation has reduced by over an hour each day.



The customised reporting built in SureSend identifies any potential delivery issues before CompoundLab’s customers call to check where their orders are. This proactive approach to customer service means team members aren’t fielding customer delivery enquiries and customers are kept informed and are delighted by top-class service.



To maximise customer service levels, CompoundLabs wanted better visibility of their delivery status. NZ Post’s Parcel Notification system allows recipients to keep track of their orders from collection right through to delivery. This provides the peace of mind and reassurance needed when shipping essential products like the medicinal products CompoundLabs produce.

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