Connect Everything

Think of Statelake as the plumbing for your business. We seamlessly connect all of your applications so you can focus on scaling your business. Our solution provides a reliable and secure framework for your business systems.

The Statelake Advantage for Your Business’s Lifecycle

Point-to-Point Integration

Traditional pre-built and custom code integrations connect your applications directly to each other. This requires a time-intensive and costly process to replace or introduce new applications into your system.

Statelake Integration

Our solution connects your applications to each other through the Statelake platform. This means that you can introduce applications without needing to integrate them directly into every system in your business.

“Flow seems to have the capability to make anything talk to anything. Flow Software have a great product and back it up with a first-class knowledgeable team who are always ready to help or give advice. We’ve built 10+ integrations and counting and have to date, seen minimal associated support costs. Flow has come to be one of the products/vendors that Villa Maria truly relies on.”

Brett Harvey, IT Strategy & Services Manager

Observable and Secure Integrations

The top concern for mid-sized enterprises is security. Business owners can’t risk having an application ecosystem where they don’t have vision over their data. This is especially true as regulatory changes continuously evolve to meet cyber-security challenges.

Our approach to application connection is one of ‘integration governance’. Statelake gives you visibility over your flows of data ensuring that you can deal with cyber-security issues effectively.

Anthony Bitossi, GM Concrete

“Flow allows us to have the specific application which is right for those processes. Most important however is the level of support which is delivered by Flow Software. This is key to the value we get from our middleware. We can go to them with a problem and they will solve it. Flow Software also offers good error checking and initial troubleshooting capabilities in the software. That means we can generally sort issues out internally, looking to see where errors come from and resolve it ourselves.”

Connecting Your Legacy Applications

You have your applications and processes that work for your business, but sometimes these legacy systems don’t communicate with newer software.

This can lead to a headache. The time and money involved with a new purchase, retraining your team, updating processes and all when you would prefer to use your tried and tested legacy application.

Statelake solves this problem by ensuring that legacy applications are seamlessly integrated into your wider ecosystem.

Check out the Volvo case study to see how this looks in practice.

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