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Eliminate manual data entry with Statelake

Digitise all aspects of your business to quickly deliver significant benefits. Speed up and increase the accuracy of the manufacturing process by automating processes and eliminating manual data entry. As a truly digital manufacturing company, you’ll make better products faster, and meet customer needs. Seamlessly connect data and systems across partners, suppliers and distributors. This unified connectivity across on-premises, cloud, and IoT technologies will deliver on integrated sales and distribution. Increase your manufacturing and supply chain agility and meet customers’ growing expectations by leveraging Flow.

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Get real-time data visibility with Statelake

You must meet increasingly high customer expectations to stay competitive. To do this, create real-time visibility into everything that affects the customer experience, from product and order data to shipping and delivery status, using Flow Software. With Statelake, you can orchestrate, automate, and track everything needed to make customers happy and keep them coming back. By integrating across applications and e-commerce channels, you can achieve a consistent and seamless experience across every digital and physical touchpoint – delivering your customers’ desire for a frictionless, personalised omnichannel retail experience.

Leading retail and e-commerce brands that use Flow Software solutions: