If your business manufactures or distributes products, then you need to get those products to your customers through an effective, efficient, and easily repeatable process. An integration platform like Statelake enables you to achieve freight automation for your business.

You have probably already done the groundwork to identify one or more preferred carriers and negotiate terms with them. This may include PC-based or web-based software to allow you to create freight requests and track the progress of consignments.

If your freight carrier offers a standard interface to their software, then Statelake can be used to identify orders in your system that are ready for dispatch, and automatically send a freight request to your carrier. No more data entry for freight orders!

Statelake can automate your freight management.

Many of our customers are already using our integration solutions to send orders to their freight carriers and many of our freight carrying customers are receiving freight requests from their own customers through our platforms.

Find out how Fliway are using Flow Software’s integration solutions to create competitive advantage and scale their business at speed.


Speed up your NZ Post label printing with SureSend

If you are an NZ Post customer, our uninterruptible label shipping solution SureSend works seamlessly alongside Statelake and removes the risk of any interruptions due to internet connectivity. Find out more here.

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